Kaffir lime leaf chilli paste,apple, radish, and hibiscus salt

15 years ago we found that most restaurants in Bali burned mosquito coil – a mosquito repelling incense, usually spiral-shaped – and put it under the table.  Now, we serve the coil on the table – an edible version of it, of course.  A blend of Indonesia’s native ingredients – black rice, red chilli, and squid ink for the coil; red chilli, lime leaf, onion, and cumin for the red dots resembling fire, this unique dish will certainly give you a buzz.

Being surrounded by the Java Sea on the north, the Indian Ocean on the South, and the Strait of Lombok on the East, makes Bali’s sea the rich food source that it is.  The combinations of fresh seafood and Balinese herbs result in intriguing, exotic-tasting dishes, such as this fresh scallop complemented with the earthy elegance of turmeric and the fresh, tart inspiration of Yuzu orange from Japan.  We evoke this mellow taste of with from our own mixture of lemongrass, lemon juice, lime juice and Kintamani orange.