THE STORY • Codegrafiti Restaurant
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Codegrafiti Restaurant
From the eyes down to the palate.

Inspired by the long-held wisdom that “we eat with our eyes”, Codegrafiti Restaurant offers an artistic level of degustation menu nicely created to tickle your taste buds. Codegrafiti’s talented chefs; Chef Bondan Yuliarso and Chef Dewa Mayun are fully aware that the five senses are crucial to the act of savoring, too. The interplay between the five senses is the key.


Chef Bondan and Chef Mayun passionately explore the richness of Indonesia’s local ingredients; “Nyegara Gunung” – as the Balinese says – from the mountain to the beach, they combine and transform the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients from the land and the sea into Codegrafiti’s special recipes which include the unique Obat Nyamuk Lime Leaf Chili Paste which is inspired by a mosquito coil in an edible version combining Indonesia’s native ingredients like black rice, red chilli and squid ink for the coil; the must-try Cod Fish Number 7 featuring steam Cod fish with beetroot juice infuse with jangu, yellow zucchini puree and green mussel mousseline; the refreshing Watermellon Sashimi from infused watermelon with Smirnoff Vodka and juniper berry. And definitely the list will go on and on inviting guests’ curiosity and bringing sweet surprises.

Sit near the open kitchen and watch the talented chefs craft your next gastronomic indulgence in an attractive culinary show. Feel their passion and energy as they express their culinary creativity – an expression of freedom in mixing the exotic, fresh, local ingredients and deliver an artistic masterpiece right to your table.


Located on the ground floor of charming Yan’s House Hotel, this 40-seat capacity restaurant is specially designed with classic elegant Victorian style in tune with superb fine dining menu. For a more casual ambience and menus, the newly expanded terrace seating offers a relaxing dining experience as you enjoy Kuta vibrant life.


Friendly service is also the hallmark of the lovely restaurant. Guests can anticipate unforgettable culinary adventure and surprises which surely will enhance their stay at Yan’s House Hotel. Codegrafiti’s cuisine promises an exhilarating dining experience.


Codegrafiti Restaurant opens from 11:00 to 22:00.